Random Restaurant Thoughts…

Random Shopper Thoughts

Never go out to eat on Sunday. 3rd string servers, 3rd string cooks, and 3rd string managers on duty. Product running out from a busy weekend and no deliveries until Monday. No one is ever happy to be working on Sunday.

Want great service? Ask the hostess who seats you “what was your name again?” and repeat it to your partner. Everyone will suspect you are a mystery shopper and be extra attentive. Works every time.

Biggest cause of bartender theft? A cash register system that only shows what was entered to the bartender and not to all the guests. It is an easy fix with different hardware, software, or just adding policies like returning a receipt with cash change and keeping a tissue copy check in front of all guests running one.

Working as a bartender, I could put a kid through college stealing draft beer, sodas, and coffee. And I would never get caught (and you would not see your costs go up) unless I was shopping me.

Why do great servers turn into total prima donnas when promoted to bartender? Keep a bartender/server combination schedule with no full time bartenders and alternate the positions.

The best bottom of the menu disclaimer I have ever seen: “Substitutions confuse the chef. It is always best not to confuse the chef”.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to make reservations and he will eat for a lifetime (courtesy Legal Sea Foods).

Shop the employee you most trust; your daytime bartender. They are the ones you leave in charge when you are out of the building, and likely give office and liquor room keys to. They are often a superfecta of overpouring, free drinks to regulars in that 2-5 PM period, and stealing cash sales from the register while virtually ignoring every non-regular who comes in.


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