How my wife was directly responsible for the Bruins winning game 7 vs Toronto

For the past couple of years, every Sunday night I play ice hockey, which is a great time for the skate, except I miss watching new episodes of Nurse Jackie and Mad Men with my wife. These are a couple of the too few shows on TV we watch together and I consider that time very important… just not more important than my Sunday night skate. So we have agreed to DVR the shows on Sunday and make Monday our TV watching night.

A wrinkle to our well thought out plan happened on Monday May 13th. I mentioned that the Bruins were playing game 7 against the Leafs at 7 PM and it would conflict with our usual TV plans. She graciously agreed to letting the night begin with me watching hockey, but after the 1-1 first period I called her in and started Nurse Jackie and said we could flip back to the hockey game after the 30 minute show was done. As soon as the Showtime show ended I switched back, only to watch Toronto go up 2-1. My wife said “I am jinxing them by watching”. I told her that was not the case and that the problem was the Bruins were standing around and not keeping their feet moving, but just to be safe I turned off the game and started watching Mad Men with her.

At some point during Don’s affair with the doctor’s wife I heard my phone give me a score alert or two. When I checked, the news was a grim 4-1 Toronto lead half way through the third period. I told her we would finish Mad Men rather than watch the Bruins lose.

Here is where she won the game for the Bruins. As Mad Men ended I flipped back to the hockey game to find what had been a 4-2 game had become more exciting after Bruins pulled the goalie and scored with 1:22 left to make it 4-3. My wife immediately leaped off the sofa and said “If I watch this they will lose… I will jinx it!!!” and ran upstairs, never to venture back down for the evening.

There she remained… (likely watching reruns of Everyone Loves Raymond) as the Bruins tied it with 51 seconds left and then won it in overtime. Bruins fans everywhere owe her a word of thanks.

Addenum: she was not watching the Stanley Cup Final game 6 when the Bruins choked like Mama Cass on a ham sandwich… so this jinx thing is likely all in her head.


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