Iceland and me

While any vacationer with some common sense is sunning themselves on an island in the middle of February, I took a trip (under the guise of a hockey tournament) to Iceland. Big_waterfall_3

I will not attempt to repeat what Wikipedia will tell you… but you have to see this place to believe it. Much of the landscape is other worldly; few trees, lava rock everywhere, shifting tectonic plates… and the famous Blue Lagoon. Despite being 22 degrees further north, the weather in Reykjavik was better than it was in Boston both before I left and after I returned.

Sleep is the most precious commodity in Iceland. The bars close at 5 AM and most of the locals come out at 2:30 after drinking at home for a few hours (a Guinness draft is $8.00 plus). At 3:00 AM there are lines out the door of any pub with entertainment (or not). There are 600 policemen in the entire country policing some 300,000 total inhabitants, roughly half of those in the immediate Reykjavik area.

Reykjavik reminded me of the nicest sections of South Portland Maine, but with a mountain view included at no extra cost. While nothing in Iceland is inexpensive (as any island, everything must be shipped or flown in), everything in Iceland is worth seeing or experiencing at least once.


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