We Don’t Sell Cars… We Insult You into Buying Them

Do you believe that a really great car  salesman can likely sell you anything with four wheels with a  few words said in the right order and at the right time?  This is not that story.

In what was turning into a never ending quest for a 2010 Honda Accord V-6 Coupe (a car I decided I had to have so bad I still do not own one two years later) I had moved from web browsing to test drives. After having driven the car at least twice at other places I called ahead to  Herb Chambers Honda in Burlington and asked to speak to the internet manager. She took the call but quickly set me up to stop by and see her  rather than talk numbers over the phone. This was an odd way for an IM to act, but I was in the area and showed up. Mistake #1.

When I arrived I announced I there to see the IM, who not only did not come out to meet me,  she sent out a low level salesman (Amjad) to take me for a test drive in a car I already was familiar with. During  the quick spin around town I let him know I had been looking for awhile, hand already done a test drive twice, and that I once sold new cars for a living.

We returned to his desk and Amjad  started to play salesman rather than return me to the IM. Never knowing what kind of deal I might get I decided to listen to his pitch. When I asked how much the loaded version of this car would be, he wrote the MRSP  (manufacturer’s  retail sticker price) on the contract with a smug look. At that point I stood up, thanked him for his time, and began walking out of the showroom. The salesman stammered “well what are you offering?”. I kept walking out and calmly said “you have not been listening to a word I have said” as I climbed into my car to leave. Now as I closed the car door the salesman said his last two words to me.

“Fuck you”.

Now I had just closed the door and the window was closed and I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt that perhaps he had said “thank you”, but  a glance up at his scowling face made it clear I had heard him correctly.  At this point I rolled down my window and let him know he might regret that last comment.

Once home I detailed out the entire incident on the Herb Chambers feedback website (so many insulted customers they need a website to keep track of them)  and actually got a phone call from the GM of the dealership the following day. He claimed he had never heard the salesman swear ever, apologized, and would ask some questions. The next day the Internet Manager,  who never came out of her office to meet me when I went there specifically to see her the day before,  called back with a comment I must have misheard the salesman and an offer to sell the car at dealer’s cost.

Would having a salesman telling me to fuck off end up  saving me thousands of dollars? Had I discovered a car buying loophole for the ages? Well no, not so much. Two other dealerships beat the price by $2000.00 via their internet manager offers, and I did not have to show up or be cursed out by their bottom rung sales staff to get the offer.



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