Dog Day Afternoon

I can remember working in any number of places where,  behind the scenes,  the customer was tolerated rather than appreciated.   The problem is when the employees feel that way and let it show  and the management tolerates it.  When it comes to veterinarians I would like to assume they all love the animals, but the people… not so much. Which brings us to Dr. William Looby’s veterinarian services in Medford MA.

I used the services here since 1990… and never once even met Dr. Looby.  I got  a different vet every time in. The care they give is fine, but the service is horrible. You can make an appointment, but don’t expect to be seen within 20 minutes of the time, even with more than one vet available.

The breaking point for me came when I showed up for a 2:00 appointment but was kept waiting for 25 minutes while the staff chatted themselves silly and not another customer was in the building. After finally having the pet treated   I went to pay out and the surly receptionist told me they did not take my Discover.  When I asked them to just bill me she snarled “Can’t you leave anything now?”.    I had only been a customer there for 17 years at the time.   Apparently paying their vet bills on time for my entire history there did not matter.

When I wrote Dr Looby directly to tell him of his employee’s less than personable manner, he did not apologize or even care that I was thinking of leaving.  Rather he sent me a “nice having you as a customer” and included my dog’s records so I could have them so I could start taking the dog to another vet.  Nice.


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