Rent This Space

How many places actually do what they say they will and do it exactly as  you expect? Taylor Rental  (at least here in Arlington) is one of the few in that category. The staff is friendly, they instruct you on what you need to know, and they do exactly what they commit to.  Back in  ’01  I rented a tent, tables and chairs for an 80th birthday party for my mom. They showed up on time to put up the tent, brought all the proper items as ordered,  then  came back two days later and took down the tent with no damage to anything in the yard.
I have rented other items there since and they are more than lenient with the return time parameters and steer you towards the equipment that will get the job done as easily as possible for the lowest cost… and thrown in some very useful advice on how to best use the gear or do the job.
This is so rare an occurrence for me it merits a rave review.
Use them.

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