Tired of the same old…

I bought complete sets of Michelin tires at Arlington Tire here for  years… and while the pricing seemed fair for Michelin product,  I always had an unsettling feeling about this place from the way they handled the female customers, constantly overhearing them recommending items to these ladies they clearly did not need. 

Sometime in 2002 or 2003  I blew out a tire on a pothole and bent the rim. I took the car to a Newton store that re-shaped the rims for $100.00, rather than pay twice that for a new rim.  The company reshaped the rim but when driving home the tire went flat  and I did some damage to the tire. This rim shaping company graciously offered to pay for a replacement tire after fixing the leakage problem (an example of great service)… so I took the car back to Arlington Tire where I had bought the tires for a replacement.

Arlington Tire then charged the rim folks $100.00 to replace the ruined tire,  but later admitted to me the ruined tire was covered by my warranty anyway (so there was no need to charge the rim company at all), then socked me with a $30.00 installation fee for the replacement tire.

I have since bought three complete sets of tires from NTB  (who will merit their own article some day for some very uneven customer service)   and swore I would  not set foot in the door here ever again… and tell any and everyone else I could about how they do business.


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