Floored…. in a good way

I bought a house with a white  and black square vinyl tile kitchen floor.  Picture a giant checkerboard.   The floor looked clean 50% of the time… the black tiles looked clean, the white tiles looked filthy. After 10 years I broke down and decided to replace the tile with oak flooring to match the abutting rooms.
I needed a flooring service and contacted two. H & T Hardwood Service  were recommended to me by a local real estate agent who also used to be a builder;  the word was the work they did was outstanding and no one he ever suggested them to was ever unhappy with them.   These guys were even better than advertised. Tuan Ung returned the phone call the same day, visited the next day, made some VERY accurate observations that kept me from going in another (wrong) direction… then gave me a very competitive quote using  top-notch flooring products that was very close to a bid  from a company that was  going to use Home Depot pre-finished products instead.

The bulk of the work  (taking out four layers of plywood and flooring  and laying down fresh oak with the first coat of finish) was done in one day. They handled the removal and installation of some  appliances and fixtures flawlessly and as part of the service. When they wanted to reinstall the old downstairs toilet off the kitchen I asked them to hold on a moment, ran out and bought a new one, and they unboxed and installed it as part of the overall service, then broke up and hauled away the old one just for good measure.  When a new stove arrived after the floor was finished they installed it for me.

Tuan checked back several times to be sure I was happy with the work and had continually offered to make any small repairs I might require at no additional cost.  When I added a floor molding to the job after I had accepted the quote he just did the work asked for the original price. I  cannot say enough positive things about these guys;  on time, good work, reasonable cost, attention to detail, follow through…  it is all there.   The last contractor I hired to do any work I ended up suing in small claims court (and winning),  so I do not suffer fools gladly.  In a world  that time forgot… (home improvement contracting)  … that is seemingly  devoid of good customer service, these guys have no equal in my book.


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